Felice 2018 a tutti! I returned back to Jerez late last week and am finally getting a moment to recap my insanely busy (and truly blessed) month of December. I spent a long weekend in Valencia, another few days in Mallorca, followed by a whirlwind trip stateside, and rounded out the end of 2017 in Italy. It was truly magical to have gotten to see so many beautiful places, and experience them with some of the very best of people. It’s my hope to fit them all on the blog, but with photo space at a maximum (to my fellow bloggers, what are my options?!), it will be a fun ride to see how we can make this work so bear with me.

Chus and I spent the remainder of our time in Italy in Rome, and I am electing to work backwards with this trip because I think it was one of the best places and also carried many strong emotions with it, some that I want to make sure are written down before they escape into the abyss of my memory.

While Chus hadn’t visited Italy prior to this trip, it was my third time in the country and my second time to the city of Rome. And while wandering streets, oftentimes we would happen upon a place that I had visited before and there a flood of memories overcame me. The corner where we waited for a bus because our feet hurt so bad, the gelato we licked on a hot summer evening, the steps we climbed in order to get some of the best views of the city, the cat sanctuary where we watched the cats scurry about. All a memory that I felt so privileged to have come back to me in real time. And Chus, the good sport that he is, continued to let me take him down memory lane with me. But we also made our own; watching two couples get engaged at the Trevi Fountain and giggling about it, listening to the street artist Viktor Angelov (a sample here), sitting on the Spanish Steps as the sun went down. We soaked up all we could while we were in the city.

Some photos from our short time in Rome…

IMG_5510The Colosseum in all it’s grandess.fullsizeoutput_147eYou’d think by day seven we’d have gotten this selfie thing down… IMG_9557Ciao, bello!IMG_5520IMG_5538I loved that we actually sat in front of the fountain and spent some time watching the people and taking in the ambiance of this part of the city. I think people are in too much of a rush to see the city that they just pose for a picture and move on, not realizing truly how beautiful some of these sights really are. IMG_5541Our AirB&B was just a few minutes walk to the Pyramid, and I couldn’t recommend where we stayed anymore highly. If you’re looking to book a trip to Rome and need a place to stay, I’d love to pass along the information. IMG_9635Hello skip-the-line passes; they are a must if one wants to visit the Vatican Museum. IMG_5548Goodness, the detail of this space. It is just stunning. IMG_5542Looks straight out of a painting. IMG_9643IMG_9570The Monument of Victor Emmanuel II; everything on this building is just enormous and we could not get over the magnitude of it all. IMG_5557IMG_5558IMG_5566IMG_5567IMG_5570We took a little tour into the Pantheon and it was so cool to learn around. There is a round window at the top and without glass to keep the elements out, thus there are 22 drains in the floor for those moments in which in rains. IMG_5571Christmas spirit around every corner and I couldn’t get enough. IMG_5580IMG_5578IMG_5584The Italians know how to decorate.IMG_5587Those blue skies quickly turned to shades of purples and pinks and we had a magnificent show in the sky, the perfect cap to the last night in Italy. IMG_9661IMG_5591I couldn’t visit Rome and not make a quick visit to to Aventine Hill. Chus had departed early in the morning for his flight so I ventured up here alone, marveling in the views once again. IMG_5595

I had held Rome near and dear to my heart prior to this visit, but even more so now. Already looking forward to the next time I get to pay this city a visit. There’s just too much to attempt to squeeze in in two days.


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