The Island of Mljet.

One of 1,246 islands off of the coast of mainland Croatia, Mljet is a small plot of land in the middle of the Adriatic Sea, that runs longer in length than it does width. Bikers can be seen pedaling up and down on streets shared with vans carrying people throughout the island.

Similar to the other islands that I have been to in the past, the people that call Mljet home are neighborly and willing to go out of their way without expectation of anything in return. Our first experience of this was upon our arrival by ferry; we realized we had no way in which to get to the airb&b, and no cell service to call for a taxi, but upon asking someone for directions to where we could call for a taxi, we were just ushered into the back of the van because this employee was headed to the same part of the island as us. He wasn’t after payment, solely conversation for the short ride to Polače.

We stayed in a simple airb&b in a town that was no more than several blocks of buildings and a stunning view of the coastline. Yachts would come into the harbor, parking for the night and using their “dingies” in order to get to land. Our hosts offered coffee and balcony views (and eventually a ride back to the port).

While our time was short in Mljet, it highlighted some of the best parts of Croatia. A national park, sunshine, and just the right amount of tourists. We swam in Malo Jerezo (Small Lake), located inside of the national park that covers the entire northwest part of the island, and enjoyed fresh fish for dinner. We marveled at the greens and blues of the sea and found so much ease in being in this part of the country. Something about that island life; daily I wonder if it’s the life for me…

fullsizeoutput_1340IMG_5058fullsizeoutput_1341Random plug about my sandals, but Seriously, I wore them everyday we were near water and could easily transition from land to sea. They were comfortable and waterproof and after hours of research for just the right shoe, I think I found the ones that will carry me through the many days of water play in my future. IMG_5059IMG_6948It was a risk, but Jacqui brought her phone sans waterproof casing into the water and I am so glad she did. fullsizeoutput_1342IMG_6978This dinner; fish that we have the privilege of peeling from the bone with potatoes galore. Mmm I am hungry just remembering it.


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