Split, Croatia.

Our time was brief (and quite chilly) while in Split, but we managed to make the most of it by exploring the coastal town and all of it’s nooks and crannies. In the center is the old town, where one can climb several flights of stairs to reach the top of the Cathedral of Saint Domnius. While bitter cold up there to due to the winds, the views were worth the climb. But this climb is not for those scared of heights or claustrophobic; between the tight walls at the beginning of the climb and the thin little railings that keep one from tumbling down, I found myself saying a little prayer with each step I took. You’d think that if I could jump out of plane, I’d have no issue climbing these stairs, but I think I was more afraid of the steps than I was to take the dive from the plane.

Because this day was cold and grey, we found ourselves moving a bit slower than our usual pace in each new city. We wandered down the coastline, away from the many tourists, where we had some drinks to warm us up and took some time to reflect on our trip thus far. We were still with a few more days left, and little did we know of the beauty that would be awaiting us in Mljet and Dubrovnik.

IMG_5046The Cathedral of Saint Domnius.IMG_5047The views from the top; even with the clouds, the city is still really beautiful.fullsizeoutput_134bIMG_6852It was all laughs and smiles before I realized that we’d have to climb down the steps once again…IMG_5049fullsizeoutput_133fAdd several degrees and some sunshine and this port town would be so dreamy. All the more reason to return in the warmer months!


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