Zadar & A Little Road Trip.

I’ve compiled a handful of pictures from a 24 hour time period, where we began our journey from Plitvice Lakes and ended in Split. To be honest, Zadar was not at all what I was expecting and I fully blame the weather. Grey, rainy skies really do have a way of coloring a city and I think for that very reason, I was let down by what we experienced.

After having been rated one of the best cities to visit in Europe, it seemed a no-brainer that we would love Zadar. I mean, if those who actually have real qualifications and standards of which they judge a city to uphold to, then surely two girls wandering through Croatia, would love it too. But I was not as taken by this city as I might have guessed. Don’t get me wrong, it had some really unique things to offer, like the sea organ (an architectural sound art object that plays music by the seas waves) and the Sun Salutation light installation that looked like a disco dance floor.

Despite the interesting art installations of this city, I found it was lacking what I felt I found in Zagreb. A certain feel that every city seems to carry. But it didn’t keep us from sight-seeing and exploring the cities that we drove through as we entered and exited…

fullsizeoutput_132cThere are stands galore as one drives through this country and we happened upon this one, where Jacqui bought a wheel of cheese that never made it back to England with her. fullsizeoutput_132bThe sunset upon our arrival was lovely, and didn’t show give any clues that a day full of rain was to follow…fullsizeoutput_132eDespite grey skies, there was a break from the rain and we were able to explore a bit of the old city by foot before having to dash back into the car. fullsizeoutput_1330fullsizeoutput_1331fullsizeoutput_1333We had found ourselves nearly next to the bridge seen above and had woven around through the various cities until we could see it from this viewpoint. You’d never guess the blue skies above are on the same day as the grey ones pictured further up, but were we ever thankful for the sunshine when it did show. fullsizeoutput_1334Always helps to find the person with a camera larger than my own to {almost} guarantee that they will know how to use my camera and take a decent shot. IMG_5000fullsizeoutput_1337I love the boats all lined up, and the blue water stark against the orange roofs. It was obvious that we were further south at this point than we had yet to be. IMG_5017I am not Game of Thrones fan (at least not yet anyway), but this town was littered with fans and others who just marveled at the beauty. Perhaps I need to pick up a new series just to say that I have visited these places that are seen through the screens of so many?fullsizeoutput_1338IMG_6813A quick stop in Primosten, where we could see little sail boats dotting the skyline and a city that almost looked as though it was floating behind us. We also stumbled upon a vendor selling his family’s wine, and we were almost tempted to take a bottle with us for the next leg of our journey. IMG_5032The many buildings throughout the city of Trogir. It was our last stop before we made it to Split, and we were tired and only in search of some food, but well-worth it as we weaved further south through the country. IMG_5033IMG_5044Golden hour; there really isn’t anything quite like it. And when it happens over a city in Croatia, well, you know it’s going to be beautiful.


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