Plitvice Lakes National Park.

These colors; how does one describe the blues and greens from memory and the sight of photos and do them justice? Like no colors I had ever seen before, Plitvice Lakes National Park was a stunning pit-stop as we journeyed south through Croatia.

As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which is to say it has some sort of significance that make it important to preserve for the collective interest of humanity. And did it ever draw the people on this day; bus-loads of people departed, eager to see the beauty of this park, and the crowds are evident in the photos as we shuffled along in single-file lines to see each area of the park. One of my biggest complaints is the inability to enjoy the park at one’s leisure because you have to keep pace with the other visitors, so whether you want to skip ahead or observe the beauty for a little longer, neither are possible due to the large numbers of visitors.

We did find a few places, like the one where the photo above was taken, removed from crowds and shortly after we found a somewhat quiet space to have a picnic lunch. Those moments, away from the people, helped me to really take in the beauty of this park because it can be really frustrating to deal with such large crowds in a place that should be serene and peaceful instead of everyone vying to get the best selfie.

My photos don’t do our day justice, there is just too much loveliness to put into a post, but a couple shots from our afternoon at Plitvice Lakes. (Also a big thank you to a friend who recommended that we make a stop here…)

fullsizeoutput_131fSome of our first views, and oh were they ever stunning (lots of heart eye emojis here)fullsizeoutput_1320The blues and greens of the water, the trees, even the sky… wow’d at creation. fullsizeoutput_1321And I have a beautiful friend too, no?fullsizeoutput_1322Waterfalls could be found at every turn, but the one below is my favorite (and easily the crowd-pleaser). It is the one seen in the first photo, but now up close and personal.fullsizeoutput_1325IMG_4922fullsizeoutput_1326We took a little ferry ride from one end of the park to the other, which eliminated a great deal of walking. The queue also gave us a chance to speak with some Americans and pick their brain about places to eat in Dubrovnik as they had already been. Nothing like actual personal recommendations of places to eat and visit from people who had just done the very same thing. fullsizeoutput_1327And I am ending with a very typical shot from this park, but like everyone who had gone (and posted) before me, this was a magnificent spot to stop and marvel before we exited the park and got on the road for our next city. As I sit and look at the four walls of the library, I can only dream of returning to nature.


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