Zagreb, Croatia.

A lot of life happening on this side of the Atlantic lately. I’ve finally found a flat to settle into with two sweet gals, we moved in on Wednesday and it’s beginning to feel like home. Except it lacks wifi, something that is in process, and well home nowadays is where one has wifi so ask me how our space feels once we have internet connection and I’m sure to tell you that it’s home.

In order news, my dear friends put on a lovely (early) birthday dinner on my behalf and we had such a nice time celebrating under banners strung through the living room, with endless pours of cava and lots of laughter shared between some of the women most important to me in Jerez.

And below, I am {finally} getting around to sharing photos from the first part of my trip with Jacqui to Zagreb, Croatia. We had begun planning for this trip before departing the island back in May and I was so happy to see it come to fruition. While there were difficult moments in the planning process; a five hour time difference between us, crazy work schedules, lack of wifi due to storms, BUT we did it; we pulled off a trip that I won’t forget in a country so highly spoken of. And it lived up to it’s expectations. We had spoken often of what places we want to make sure we visit when we return- that’s when you know it was a good trip, talking about returning before you’ve even left.

Our journey took us from Zagreb to the Plitvice Lakes, Zadar, stopping in Šibenik and Trogir, Split, the island of Mljet, and ending in Dubrovnik. More photos to follow in the days to come, but for now, the first day of our trip together in rainy, but very pleasant Zagreb…

fullsizeoutput_1310Despite the grey skies, this building has a shimmer to it that I just loved.fullsizeoutput_1311The Croatian National Gallery. As you can see, students are on the upper balcony as they celebrated a commencement ceremony. In a city, it always brings me such joy to see life being celebrated and lived and I almost feel like I am stepping into someone else’s story for a short time.IMG_4850Little clues that autumn was on its’ way showed up in surprising places.IMG_4857IMG_4856St. Mark’s Church and perfectly blue skies.IMG_4861And before we knew it, we found ourselves in the midst of a hail storm. Thankfully we were in the Museum of Broken Relationships so we were with a roof over our heads, but the weather on this day went from rain to sun to puffy white clouds, and eventually ended with a rainbow. IMG_4862IMG_6612IMG_6618The Zagreb Cathedral, worth a walk through or a least a moment spent marveling at the facade from the outside. fullsizeoutput_1313These views, seen from the observation deck at Zagreb 360. We played their version of Trouble (hello childhood!) and ate peanuts from their shells and watched a rainbow appear from grey clouds.fullsizeoutput_131bA dish not authentic to Zagreb, but originating in Slovenia, is Strukli, a casserole-like pastry of cottage cheese and sour cream, and on this evening, we had pumpkin seed pesto in one and blueberries in the other. And after a rainy day, this was warm and filling and so reminiscent of something you’d want on a blistery day in front of fire. We ate in a little backroom of La Struk of brick with heaters going, and well, it was nearly the same 😉 More to come from beautiful Croatia soon!


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