At last, Cabrera.

In June, just a few days before I was to leave Mallorca for Michigan, I had every intention of visiting the National Park of Cabrera. And my stomach had every intention of keeping me from doing so. Following a visit from my family to the island and Barcelona, I had lined up a day trip with Simone to the island, but came down with a nasty bug that kept me indoors for 72 hours. The morning of our scheduled outing, Simone was lacing up her shoes and asking me how I felt, and despite my insistence that I would be fine, she began unlacing and I could see her gears turning, mentally she was already back in her bed.

Fast forward to September, I have made a full recovery, and Alex and I bought our tickets to give Cabrera another go. We set out early from Palma to reach the port of Colonia de Sant Jordi, where we would take a boat to the island. Upon arrival, we had hours in which to explore so we climbed up the Castle of Cabrera and then swam for hours. Being mid-September, the water was a little chilly at first but nothing like a refreshing dip to ease right back into island life.

While the Blue Cave was not an option for us this time due to rough waters, I just have another excuse for which I can use to return to this beautiful space. Checking off Cabrera as island number two that I have visited in the Balearics! Here’s to exploring more with dear friends as this year unfolds…

fullsizeoutput_129aThe boat ride in allowed us to see the other smaller islands that precede access to the port of Cabrera.IMG_4754How lovely is my friend? (Even with oodles of stuff in her lap and hands and the seat next to her, that I made her hold so I could move about and take pictures ;))IMG_4763The Castle of Cabrera + Alex.IMG_4766IMG_4770Lots of boats and yachts sprinkled about in the port below us.IMG_4780IMG_4781IMG_4769That water closest to the coast; the colors get me every time.IMG_4785We swam right along the beach seen here and one more further along the coast. How happy my heart was to finally explore this island I had heard so much about and to do so along a friend who I missed a great deal while I was stateside.


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