Call it crazy (I did as I was signing my name to the consent form), but soon enough I found myself climbing aboard a small plane that would take us to 14,000 feet so that we could jump from it(!!!!).

Chus had long talked about going skydiving and while we were unable to make it happen before I left for the states this summer, it was something we made sure to set a date for upon my arrival in Europe in early September. With Skydive Empuriabrava and a few experienced jumpers, we were suited up for our jump, given some quick instructions about what to do when hanging out of the edge of the plane, and before I knew it, I was flying through the clouds. The entire process, from stepping into the gear to putting my feet back on the ground, was under an hour, and even then, the jump itself last all of five minutes.

I found myself grinning the entire time I was up in the air and when looking back at my photos, I see that so many are with my eyes closed, but I was actually looking at the beautiful views. From high above one could see mountains and cities and the coast line, even amidst the cloud cover. Empuriabrava is considered the Venice of Spain and from up high in the sky, it was clear to see why it earned such a name.

Like nothing I had done up to this point in my life, skydiving was a thrilling and terrifying and exciting experience. And sometimes, when I need a little extra assurance or courage, I think that if I could manage to jump out of a plane on my own accord, then surely I can face a handful of other things that life throws at me. Some photos from our day flying…

IMG_1362All ready to get on the plane with our tandem jump partners!fullsizeoutput_1183Yep, I might be grinning, but all the while I was asking her to strap me in extra tight.IMG_1369And just like that, feet have left the plane…fullsizeoutput_1186IMG_1378fullsizeoutput_1188IMG_1414Coming in hot!IMG_1417Windblown and wide-eyed, but safe and sound back on the ground!


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