London, Part Two.

After an amazing (and amazingly short) summer in the United States, I found myself back in London early last week. Similar to last year, I began my European adventure being warmly welcomed by the Talbot’s. Since there was not a wedding to celebrate this time around, I had Lauren all to myself and what a delight it was to wander London together, even visiting places she had yet to go, which meant that we both saw these sights with wonder and awe.

Surprisingly, I experienced little jet lag (I think the key is flying overnight and drinking strong coffee upon arrival), which meant we could hit the ground running. We visited the Tower of London, Tower Bridge, Borough Market (get the Ethiopian food if you go), St. Paul’s Cathedral, Notting Hill (watch the movie before you visit, it makes the place all the more darling), and lastly ended our time in Tooting where we had Indian food, because can you go to London and not have Indian? (The answer is no).

Sharing some photos from my time in London, where the visit was too short, but nonetheless offered time with a dear friend and a chance to see more of the city she calls home!

fullsizeoutput_1157IMG_4590The Tower of London, which is a Historic Royal Palace where they store the Crown Jewels and we learned about the animals they kept on the grounds years ago.IMG_4602IMG_4589My first glimpse of Tower Bridge! Lauren and I were able to walk across the bridge, where they have glass windows where one is able to see the cars and river below. Not for those who are afraid of heights!IMG_4628fullsizeoutput_111cBorough Market is such a gem in the middle of the city; one can find any type of food their stomachs desire and it has such a fun energy to it.fullsizeoutput_110efullsizeoutput_110ffullsizeoutput_1110Isn’t she just a stunner?fullsizeoutput_111efullsizeoutput_1114St. Paul’s Cathedral, where it began to look like Fall as you can see in the colors of the flowers below. The leaves have yet to change in London, but the temperatures most definitely reminded me that Autumn is going to make her entrance very soon.IMG_6205fullsizeoutput_1117fullsizeoutput_1119fullsizeoutput_111bSouthwark Cathedral, which is next to Borough Market and I just thought the facade to be so pretty. fullsizeoutput_1120Notting Hill. Seriously these colors! Can I live here?fullsizeoutput_1122fullsizeoutput_1124fullsizeoutput_111dfullsizeoutput_1129After the spicy Indian food, our faces are a little flushed, but we shared such a nice meal together, along with Lauren’s hubby Sam. Lots of belly laughs and trying of new foods and recounting our days together. Lauren and Sam, thank you for the most wonderful memories in which to start off my second year in Europe with.


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