Roomie Reunion in Arlington, VA.

About a month ago, I took a small plane to a town I had never been to to visit with my dear friend (and former roommate). It was planned a few months before that, when we both knew we would have left the island and summer would be in full swing and we would want someone to listen to us talk non-stop about Mallorca. There are few people in my life who will give me an ear to solely talk about Mallorca, and lucky for me, one of them was only a plane ride away.

I also finally had the opportunity to meet the most important people in her life (talking about you Gina, Steve, and Joe. Coco, too!). And then understand why they are the most important people in her life. I had drinks in the infamous backyard patio and walked the loop that Simone takes when she is in Arlington. We visited Georgetown and Eastern Market, and I adored the homes in Capitol Hill. But mostly, we had time to just be ourselves once again. Having only met each other in September on the island, we had only come to know our friendship as having existed within the same space, and while her family’s home was not our place off of Teodoro Llorente, it was a perfect space conducive for reconnecting and pretending we were sharing a roof once again (albeit only for a few days).

Here’s to more reunions in the near future, Simone!



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