Austin, Texas for a Girls’ Trip!

Planned from three different corners of the world, my two very best friends (who I’ve known since 7th grade, or in other words, half of my life… when did that happen?), and I set out to see what this hip city was all about. Adventure we did; from jet skiing in Lake Travis to floating down San Marcos River to jumping in the Barton Springs Pool where water was a cool 70 degrees. As one can tell, we were never very far from a body of water as the heat peaked around 110 degrees each day. One might say that the ice cream each day helped cool us down too 😉

With a few food allergens to be mindful of, the girls did a very good job of seeking out all that Austin’s foodie scene has to offer. We indulged this weekend, filling our bellies with foods that were friendly to the gals, while also being satisfying to me. From Salt Lick BBQ to Sweet Ritual to Vice Cream to Picnik and once again back to Sweet Ritual (because one can never have too much ice cream); every stop offered something for each of us. And we didn’t leave Austin without making a stop at a food truck. Because in the land of endless food trucks, it would have been a pity to not try at least one. We opted for Torchy’s Tacos. While once known for being the live music capital of the world, this city is very much an up and coming place for all things food.

When we didn’t find ourselves with cutlery or a cone in our hands, we were busy exploring the city that goes by the motto “Keep Austin Weird.” Between the quirky shops on Congress Street, the murals and graffiti painted in the nooks and crannies throughout the city, and the various bars on Rainey Street, our eyes were also enjoying a feast. There was so much to see and do and explore, and to do so alongside Ann and Kaley was really special. We laughed and joked and talked about the past, present, and future for each of us. We filled in the spaces of our lives that are harder to do by phone calls and text messages. And we found a way to make more memories that still have me laughing when I recall them. How sweet it is to have these two friends in which to do this life with!

Some photos below of our long weekend in Texas’ capital…

fullsizeoutput_1032These ladies. Where to even begin with how much I treasure their friendship? Throughout various life seasons, we have been able to encourage and cheer one another on, seeing each other fulfill dreams and living out passions, We have grown from girls to women together, figuring out our niches and who we are and what we want to become, and trying to laugh while doing so. IMG_4456We immediately took to Congress Street, bopping into any shops that caught our attention.fullsizeoutput_1037fullsizeoutput_1036fullsizeoutput_1038Such a good reminder for us all.IMG_5249IMG_5269This giant popsicle was outside of the original Whole Foods store. IMG_4464Mmm, meat. The Salt Lick was so yummy. I think we could all say our favorite was the turkey; just a fact to store away in case you find yourself there one day.IMG_5282Vegan ice cream. It is the real deal. IMG_4465Beautiful Lake Travis. As a Michigander, I am very spoiled when it comes to inland lakes, but there’s something about that Texas heat that made this lake feel a little warmer than the ones I get to swim in during the summer months. IMG_5289Per a recommendation, we made a pit stop at Vice Cream. I tried the Banana Nutter Butter, and let me tell you, soft-serve ice cream will never be the same.IMG_4466fullsizeoutput_103aThe view from Mount Bonnell, which is accessed by a short little “hike.”IMG_5302IMG_4473Berry French Toast from Picnik. So good I joined the clean plate club that morning.IMG_5371Swimming in Barton Springs Pool was probably one of my favorite activities of the weekend. The water was refreshing and having a city skyline within view made it all the more cool. This was following our trip down San Marcos river so we had our fair share of water play this day. IMG_4480And we couldn’t have visited Austin without seeing the bats fly out from below Congress Avenue Bridge. It really is a sight to behold. These bats are the largest population of urban bats in the world, and while everything in me was grossed out at the thought originally, I did a bit of research and was pretty amazed at how this colony serves the city. Exhibit A, these bats eat up to 30,000 pounds of insects a night. Yes, a night! By doing so, they help to keep the insect population lower throughout the city thus lowering the spread of diseases like Zika. Pretty amazing, no?!IMG_4482Our last stop on this stay; Torchy’s Tacos food truck. We left Austin with happy hearts and full stomachs. fullsizeoutput_103b

Austin, you were a great city to us. I am excited to see where our next girls’ trip takes us!


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