North, East, West.

No, I didn’t forget to include South in my title. Over the weekend I packed a picnic lunch and a beach towel and headed to the North, East, and West parts of Mallorca to catch some rays and grow in gratitude for this little island.

Exploring over the weekend left me in awe that I get to call this part of the world home. The colors, in all shades of blue and green, had me giddy, the views somehow seemed to get better, and to be with good friends… does it get better?

Jacqui and I kicked off the weekend with a trip to Es Coll Baix, a beach just beyond Alcúdia in the North. Jacqui had taken the reigns for this day trip and I hadn’t even looked at any photos so I had zero expectation of what we were about to get glimpses of, and was I ever pleased. The water, this milky turquoise, was like nothing I had seen, and the beach, a grey color from the pebbles and stones that come in from the sea. We hiked in order to get to the beach and there is something about “working” before the views, that makes one appreciate it even more (if such a thing could be possible when nature has done the work already).

Saturday was spent in Capdepera, where annually a medieval market is hosted that celebrates the history and the castle of the town. We ate our way through the various stands, listened to live music, and laughed while people watching (one of my favorite pastimes).

And to round out an already full weekend, Jacqui had asked Simone and I along to a day with her sisters who were visiting from England. Driving on the opposite side of the road, Charlotte was behind the wheel and took us through Sant Elm, Dragonera, Estellencs, Torre del Verger, Son Marroig, and dinner in Valledemossa. It was a treat to see Jacqui and her sisters together, and we were able to see parts of the island that are really only accessible by car.

A weekend for the books, and one I hope to not forget for a very long time. Some photos from my weekend checking out views that belong on a postcard…

IMG_4224Es Call Baix; I didn’t know such colors existed here in Mallorca until I saw them with my own eyes and then I could only wonder how it is that I live here!IMG_4221IMG_4233Hey there, little guy!IMG_4227IMG_4242Some pretty treasures from the sea. 18518023_10155157200141070_189375038043832782_oIMG_4260Thrilled to splash around and act like a child at the beach!IMG_4277The Medieval Market of Capdepera.IMG_4273IMG_4275The very best of Spanish goodies piled high.IMG_4269IMG_4281IMG_4284IMG_4294IMG_4299On our way to Dragonera, a small inlet off the coast where lizards run freely all over the place. The inlet is named for the shape and not the fact that there are little “dragons” scurrying about. IMG_4301IMG_4313Dragonera to the left and Mallorca to the right.IMG_4320Cala Estellencs ^^ All the heart eyes here, except that the water was too cold for my liking.IMG_4323IMG_4325IMG_4327The Torre del Verger viewpoint.IMG_4331IMG_4332IMG_4335IMG_4336Just so happy to be up so high with my dear friend marveling over the vistas. IMG_4339

Mallorca, you are something special and I am so grateful to lay my eyes on the prettiest parts of you. Here’s to one more month of continued exploration and making memories with the best of people.


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