Soria, Spain.

Throwing it back to a trip I took at the beginning of March to a trip I took to Soria, which is a town two hours north of Madrid. This trip seems so long ago and yet it was not even two months ago. Time is seemingly folding over on itself and with the arrival of Spring, my pace has also quickened. Also feels like ages ago that it was necessary to wear a hat and gloves and a warm coat; so thankful that we are beyond that season.

When I arrived to Spain, Soria was not even a place I knew existed, but when I met Taylor and Riley while they were visiting Mallorca back in October, I learned that they were doing my job in this quaint town and the invitation was extended to visit them. I always find it refreshing to get to speak with other Language Assistants from different parts of Spain, learning about their experiences and how they sometimes mirror my own experiences, and sometimes how it differs completely. It becomes a good opportunity to cultivate gratitude for my placement, for the time I have in Mallorca, and for the many people I have met along the way. If it weren’t for the beauty of this little island, Taylor and Riley would not have found themselves here on holiday in the first place and I would not have had the chance to connect with them.

IMG_3428Not exactly sure where they is a mosaic dog in the center of the park, but it seemed to be somewhat infamous in this little town.IMG_3430I can only imagine that with the Spring blooms that this park would be the perfect one to find oneself with a good book in hand and an afternoon with no plans.IMG_3432IMG_3434IMG_3436IMG_3435IMG_3440Caught a gorgeous sunset from the terrace of Taylor’s piso.IMG_3447The Hermitage of San Saturio. IMG_3448IMG_3453Just exploring and seeing all the things Soria has to offer.IMG_3456IMG_3462IMG_3466IMG_3468We managed to get up to one of the higher view points of the city before the clouds came through and rain came. Being in the north-central part of the country, it was still quite cold this time of year so we are bundled. It just so happened that when I was catching my bus back to the airport early Sunday morning, snow has begun to fall. IMG_3470IMG_3469IMG_3476IMG_3479Thank you for your hospitality gals, here’s hoping we cross paths again very soon!


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