A Day Trip to Siena, Italy.

A quaint little medieval town located about 70 minutes south of Florence. In the planning stages of our trip, we knew we would want to make a point to take a day trip somewhere in the Tuscany region and after a little bit of research it became clear that Siena was a fan-favorite. I agree with these people.

Set around the Piazza del Campo, the town spreads from here. Decked fully in brick and winding roads, Siena is very walkable and far enough away from Florence that we got the break we needed from the many tourists. We continued to eat yummy Italian food and explore the nooks and crannies of this city (of which there are many). Some photos from our day…

IMG_4072Behind us, the Palazzo Pubblico, where many people took to sitting in the square and sunning themselves. IMG_4054The Duomo of Siena, which was hands down my favorite one to see. The detail throughout this cathedral is stunning, as one can see from the pictures. However, the inside was truly where the beauty lies. While I am not always one to tour (yet another) cathedral, I had seen pictures prior to being in the city and knew this was one we would have to make time for. The black and white marble stripes are like nothing I have ever seen in a cathedral, and they represent the civic coat of arms of Siena. IMG_4055IMG_4079IMG_4081IMG_4086IMG_4066I love the winding roads and the curving of the buildings, It is so different compared to the straight lines that so many of the other cities I have seen.IMG_4056Hello, gorgeous! ^^ (although, I am a sucker for a good tarte so I can see how you may have gotten that mixed up with the photo below). IMG_4059IMG_4076I felt a bit like a biker babe, what with my leather jacket and sunglasses, and there just so happened to be the perfect red vespa. If only I knew how to actually drive a moto…. IMG_4078

Siena is a lovely little medieval city and it was a treat to be able to get out of the city of Florence for the day. We managed to escape the rain, by taking to the duomo and the second time around to the bus as we were just wrapping up, but even with the grey skies, this city is a beaut.


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