From the time my feet touched the ground in Ireland to when I took off once again, it was apparent that the luck of the Irish was not with me. I thought maybe being a teeny bit Irish may give me a leg up with some good fortune, but to no avail. There were hiccups at the airport getting through customs, and the buses were on strike country-wide, and time expended in cities we hadn’t originally planned for, but who needs luck when you have a friend who laughs easily and the skies are blue and you’re in Ireland, a super gorgeous island covered in green rolling hills…

Sarah and I had planned a bit of a last minute trip to explore the country she has had the privilege of living in for the last couple months as an Au Pair. She lives with a super sweet host family close to one of Europe’s best beaches, Inchydoney, and she made sure to show me the best parts of the country that were within our reach given the whole public transportation dilemma.

While Sarah and I are a few years apart in age, we are alumni of the same high school, and served as volunteers with Young Life over the last couple of years together. And when I heard that she was making her way across the ocean for some time, I knew that seeing her would become a priority for me.

Even though there is still so much of Ireland I wish to see, I really did have a great time with her making the most of the situation I was given. Even though there was potential for our rotten circumstances to dampen our moods (thankfully the rain wasn’t part of the picture in addition to everything else), I am thankful for Sarah’s easygoing demeanor and ability to make light of everything circling around us.

Sharing some photos from my long weekend with Sarah…

IMG_3544IMG_3547One of the first sights in Dublin that I see; naturally it’s a Guinness truck :p IMG_3550IMG_3551Molly MaloneIMG_3556Trinity College; while no Oxford it was still a lovely campus and we were able to see the Book of Kells, which is pretty amazing. IMG_3625IMG_3628IMG_3559IMG_3561The city all decked out from recent St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. IMG_3568IMG_3634Sarah and I made a little stop here for some cider, potentially a tourist trap but we were tourists so who could blame us?IMG_3575St. Patrick’s Cathedral; that green grass, I don’t think I’ve seen much of that around Mallorca and that’s what really stuck out to me. That and the deep blue door. Oh the doors of Dublin, they are beautiful. IMG_3576IMG_3580No shortage of cathedrals in Dublin, this one is Christ Church Cathedral. I love the little pops of Spring we were seeing all over the city.IMG_3581IMG_3589Queen of Tarts for a little pick-me-up. IMG_3613IMG_3602IMG_3619IMG_3640The Jameson Distillery; we didn’t have time for a tour because we were expected at the Guinness Storehouse, but we stopped for a drink and it did not disappoint. IMG_3639IMG_3644IMG_3646IMG_3651Nothing likely a freshly poured (by yours truly) Guinness!IMG_3659St. Stephen’s Green was just that, green.IMG_3663IMG_3670IMG_3673IMG_3676IMG_3678A quick stop at the Malahide Castle and Gardens before making our way down to Clonakilty for the remainder of the weekend.IMG_3702IMG_3726How pretty are these gardens above?IMG_3719IMG_3714A little fairy door…IMG_3731The Thuja Plicata tree, which is widely photographed because it has two unusually shaped arms (one is opposite of what we are sitting on). IMG_3764IMG_3738IMG_3737Blarney Castle, where I hope the ‘gift of gab’ that comes from kissing the stone is in the form of Spanish- a girl can dream, right?IMG_3754IMG_3787We made our way to Inchydoney Beach, which was just stunning. Cows and sand dunes and rolling green hills and the water as far as the eye could see. IMG_3794.JPGIMG_3803.JPGIMG_3806.JPG

Ireland, you may not have blessed me with the best of luck, but you gave me many stories to tell. But there was nothing like returning back to Mallorca; as the cab driver told me in the wee hours of the morning on the way to the airport, “The savage loves his native shore.” And while I am certainly not Spanish, on this side of the Atlantic, Spain is my native shore and there really is no place like home.


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