Straight Chillin’ in Mallorca.

This post goes out to Celia and Melina, who reminded me many a times in their short stay that we were straight chillin’ in Mallorca, which is to say that we have it really good on this little island. And what a treat to be able to show the girls what I love most about it. We had taken the day to go out for a hike, sharing so many laughs that it was my abs that hurt more than my legs at the end of the day.

It was during a tiny window when we weren’t laughing that got me thinking about how hiking so closely resembles life. As we climbed puig de l’ofre, there were moments when it was difficult to know when we were going to reach our destination. My legs were sore, I wanted to stop, I was hungry, I needed to use the bathroom. The list could continue if I had let it, and there are times when I am in a season of life where I am discouraged, uncertain, wanting to just stop and turn around and go back to the season previous, where things were otherwise. While this was a hike I had completed before, although starting from the other side prior, I still was not certain of when we would reach the peak, and we had already passed such beautiful views. Wouldn’t they be enough to satisfy us for this day? But then, even when the legs are tired and the mind is saying “STOP!,” there are people along the way to remind you that it’s not much longer until the next bend of beautiful views. There are people walking alongside us, there are some who have gone before us, and others who will need us to give them encouragement as they ascend the mountainside. And sometimes, sometimes, you just need to look up from the path and enjoy the view. Taking in where you are, right here and right now.

I’ve included many photos from my time around Mallorca over the past several weeks. I have had the privilege to take a handful of hikes and take in the specular views around the island. I’m starting with an excursion I took with some friends from church up to Santuario San Salvador and ending with a hike to the Cuber Reservoir, and filling up the middle with pictures from an excursion to Puig de Galatzo and Santuario de Cura.

IMG_3490IMG_3497My dear friend (and Spanish tutor), Nani and I near the San Salvador Sanctuary. IMG_3507IMG_3512IMG_3516IMG_3520This hike up to Galatzó was probably one of my all time favorites. The views were something else, hard to put into words the beauty seen from 1,027 meters high.IMG_3522IMG_3528IMG_3212IMG_3541IMG_3542Below are some photos from an excursion taken with the primary students from my school. Due to privacy reasons, the littles cannot be put on the inter webs, however I have selfies for days to look back on fondly when my time as a Language Assistant comes to a close. In particular, the chicas and I had a ball on this day doing cartwheels and jumping rope and taking pictures together. IMG_3815IMG_3818IMG_3820To the left, there is the island of Cabrera. IMG_3822IMG_3823IMG_3829Sweet Pau gifted me these 🙂 IMG_3841I didn’t get a picture with me in my shirt, but I was given one of the school shirts for this excursion and that little exchange really made me feel loved. IMG_9681Beautiful Celia, who made her way to Mallorca from Israel! Celia is teaching English in Beer Sheva in a similar program to mine in Spain. She also brought along Melina, and between the two of them, they had me roaring with laughter. IMG_3850ALSO: Spring has sprung on the island and the island is more lovely, if such a thing could be possible! IMG_9836IMG_3861IMG_3869IMG_9763Made it, made it, made it! IMG_3877IMG_3873We have a robber in our midst….IMG_9811IMG_3860

Mallorca, you are just too good. You keep wooing me and winning me over on the regular and at this rate, I don’t think I ever want to return home. But fear not friends, I have purchased a ticket and will be making my way stateside at the end of June!


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