Prior to taking off for Tenerife, I had a layover in Barcelona and a few days prior I had this idea that perhaps Simone would like to come along for a day trip with me. And lucky for me, she was up for a little adventuring so on a grey Thursday, we found ourselves in Barcelona with a day of sightseeing and coffee drinking and wandering to keep us occupied.

This was one of those perfectly full days, where we did just enough to consider ourselves busy but also at a pace that was slow enough that we didn’t rush from one place to the next. There was a lot of walking and sadly there was no visit to Park Güell this time around, but we did get to see Sagrada Familia, as well as a lot of Gaudí’s other works that are sprinkled throughout the city.

Barcelona is most definitely a city I hope to return to, and soon; there is talk of visiting the city when my family pays me a visit in June! Some pictures from our day….


IMG_2972Above is Palau Güell, a mansion designed by Gaudí.IMG_2974IMG_2979It is a must that when visiting the city to go to La Boqueria and to grab a juice smoothie. I proceeded to drink mine in two minutes. It was that good. IMG_2980IMG_2982Because coffee. IMG_2983IMG_2985Another Gaudí home in the middle of the city. IMG_2987The colors and the flags; there was a lot more pride for the region than I have noticed when visiting other parts of Spain. IMG_2988The Cathedral of Barcelona. Due to time, we didn’t take a tour of this cathedral, but it was an option. With a possible return, I do hope to see it’s interior.IMG_2992IMG_2994IMG_2995How beautiful is my dear friend? So thankful for her adventurous spirit and the many laughs we shared together on this day. IMG_2999Sagrada Familia; with a projected competition date of 2028, it is likely I could one day see this beauty completed! But it is seriously STUNNING. I was blown away at how intricate this cathedral was, and while I have seen my fair share of cathedrals throughout Europe, nothing quite compares. IMG_3000IMG_3010IMG_3014The stained glass and the detail and the enormity of it all; it was a sight to see!IMG_3012IMG_3013IMG_3029IMG_3031IMG_3032IMG_3034The Arc de Triomf, a nice little play on the one from Paris, which I had happened to see only a few weeks prior. Both are lovely in their own right. IMG_3041IMG_3042

While the pictures stopped when the sunlight when down, our day did not. We found ourselves in a little hole-in-the-wall cava bar and I had the best rosé cava. Because cava is produced in Catalonia, it was offered all over the city, but our visit to this bar (which I do not recall at the time) did not disappoint. Cava is a fan favorite in our piso, but the sparkling wine tasted even better that evening in Barcelona.

It was a great privilege to spend the day in Barcelona, and I finally know what all the hype is about. A city that certainly deserves another visit soon! Salut, Barcelona!


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