St. Pat’s Day & Memories.

It’s St Patrick’s Day and I’m feeling a little reminiscent of the ways I celebrated in the years past. During my time at Michigan State University, St. Patrick’s Day was always looked on with excitement. The last two years that I spent in East Lansing as a student I lived with Ann and Kaley in an apartment that we deemed the Purple Palace; a home more suited for adults doing adult things than three young college girls, but we delighted in our space and now we joke about how well we had it in regards to student housing.

On the mornings of St. Patty’s Day, we would wake up early, dress in green, and mix up mimosas before sprinting out to the CATA bus in order to make our way closer to the celebrations taking place in the bars and near the streets just north of campus. Those days are cemented in my memory, filled with running (sometimes literally) from one place to another, always surrounded by friends, and too much green beer. The girls and I still recount those days, sometimes sharing photos from with one another and always laughing at how easy we had it then, how we celebrated like our peers despite often feeling like old souls all the other days of the year.

I’m sharing some photos from a day when Ann and I went hiking in Mallorca when she was visiting last month. With lots of travel for me following her time here, it seems as though this day was so long ago, and yet one day we will laugh at as we do about our St. Pat’s memories. It brings me such joy to continue to share life with friends over the years, it’s a gift.

IMG_2931IMG_2932Still the cutest little row of houses and all the plants lining the walkway in all of Mallorca.IMG_2936A blurry picture is sometimes what I get what I ask a stranger to take our picture.IMG_2937IMG_2938IMG_2947Ermita, which means Hermitage. We walked a bit to get there, but we were able to see some beautiful views once we reached the Hermitage of the Holy Trinity.IMG_2943IMG_2946IMG_2948IMG_2949And these views, a stop we made at Son Marroig, that happened to be accidental. We had walked past the first entrance and without much signage didn’t know of the treasure that lay beyond another short walkway. But we were so glad to have seen these views! IMG_2955IMG_2957IMG_2964Spring is near! Even back in February, it was showing signs that it wouldn’t be long until it’s arrival. IMG_2967


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