When Lauren Comes to Mallorca…

My dear friend Lauren paid a visit to me just over a week ago now. There’s nothing like having someone visit to make you appreciate the space you live in with fresh eyes. We made a day trip to Soller and the Port, and meandered around Palma, visiting the necessary sights, and then some. But what I really loved about Lauren’s visit, was that we just had time to be at leisure with one another. No rushing from one place to the next, no waking up at the crack of dawn to see all the sights, no long stretches of time where we couldn’t sit and just take it what was around us. It was really a special space we had been able to create, where the conversation lasted longer than the coffee in our cups and there was opportunity to dive deeper than face-timing would ever permit.

Lauren is a friend I treasure, and one I am so grateful to share the experience alongside of in moving across the Atlantic and making a new life. There are countless moments in which we would find comfort in the other’s experience because no one else in our lives was going through something similar in this season. And I think that it has strengthened our friendship, in having a change as drastic as the one we did. Between the weaving of our friendship, beginning my sophomore year at Michigan State University until now, I have found many a moments in which our stories reflected the other and I am only more grateful today as I recount them.

And without further adieu, a few pictures from her visit to sunny Mallorca…

img_2602I took Lauren to the quaint city of Soller, because it really does show off some of the best parts of the island. img_2604img_2606img_2612Port de Soller; I had never been myself so it was a treat to take in a new place together. Can only imagine how full this beach will be in just a few short months!img_2616img_2622Day two began at Castle Bellver, and thankfully the grey clouds that showed signs of rain were kept at bay for us to see miles of views. img_2617img_2626img_7209Playing tourist is just so much fun.img_2628img_2630I’ve walked by this building a handful of times and never noticed all the tile work and it gave me another reason to love Palma. img_2632img_2636What’s a post if it doesn’t have some sort of dessert in it? Carrot cake for me and banoffee pie for the gal living in England, as if she can’t find it in London 😉  img_2639


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