Berlin (Part Two).

Bet you thought I was done posting about my trip from the beginning of January. And then I bet you thought that I already put up pictures from Berlin. Regarding the former, you were incorrect, but the latter, you would have been right, however we circled back to Berlin on the last day of our trip because it was the most inexpensive way to get back to Palma, but that also meant we had an eight hour layover to explore the city a bit more.

Berlin was drastically different this time around. With the city covered in a dusting of snow and the skies one big cloud, it looked very different than how we saw it before the New Year. However, I still felt the same affection towards the city. We took the time we had to make a reservation to see the Reichstag. We hadn’t been able to secure a spot when we were there for a few days prior so we were happy to return to be able to see this dome that would offer beautiful views of the city. However, as you’ll see below, the dome was covered in snow and so the views were also obstructed in some regard. All the more reason to return when the seasons change!

This vacation continues to seem farther and farther away, especially in light of the beautiful blue skies and sunshine we are currently experiencing in Palma. With the end of January drawing nearer by the hour, I am taking today to reflect on what was a really special beginning to 2017.

Despite the chaos of the US political situation that defined much of my news feed and dialogue with various people, I have found this to be a really good month. Between traveling to several countries, celebrating San Sebastián, Correfoc, and Peace Day in Mallorca, having my dear friend Lauren visit the island for a long weekend, proving to myself I don’t need a sweet treat all the time (will power and supportive friends for the win!), and finally beginning Spanish lessons, I am feeling extra grateful for what’s come my way. I am hopeful that if January is any sign of 2017, then it will be one of those years for the books.

In turn, I hope each of you can take some time to reflect on how your 2017 has began, to find space for gratitude for what’s come your way, and to continue to sow into what you have been pursuing this year. And for your viewing pleasure, a couple photos of Berlin on a wintery day…

img_2576The Reichstag Building, where parliament meets and if you make reservations in advance, you can visit the dome.img_2577img_2578img_2583Thankfully it wasn’t actively snowing at this time, however winter weather does not make the best views from this particular spot.img_2590img_2589While difficult to see from a picture, those windows, which look like mirrors, are actually a ceiling to a room where the parliament meet. The bits of blue that can be seen in the windows are actually chairs in the meeting room. img_2595The Brandenburg Gate, without the stages and ferris wheel behind it this time. img_2597Le sigh, Christmas officially was bid goodbye at this point. img_2599And while wandering to find a warm place to park ourselves for a meal, we stumbled into this courtyard with some really cool tile work. Not pictured is a scrumptious meal we had. I didn’t do a good job of writing  down the name or taking a picture of the restaurant, but if you happen to be in Berlin near the Hackescher Markt, I will give you directions to this place because I still dream of the chicken and potato curry. Wishing you all a lovely end to January and a fantastic start to the shortest month of the year!


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