“My house in Budapest, my hidden treasure chest…”

George Ezra knows how to sing it; Budapest was a little hidden treasure chest with gems sprinkled throughout the city. But somehow, this capital city has been kept under wraps to much of the world it seems.

I have been trying to tell everyone who has asked how my trip that I don’t have a favorite city of the ones we visited because they can’t be compared as they all differ from one to the other, but if you had to twist my arm, I would tell you Budapest was my favorite. I still struggle a bit to put to words why I was so swept away with this city, but very simply, it was just like no place I had ever been. And even in the most bitter of cold (upon arrival, two people told us that the following two days would be the coldest of the year- 15 degrees fahrenheit, but feels like 5!), this underrated city caught my breath (literally and figuratively) at every turn.

Sharing some photos of beautiful blue skies and views that went as far as the eye could see and bridges galore…

img_2373St. Stephen’s Basilica was the very first stop of our day, and it did not disappoint. We were able to climb to the top of dome and take in 360 degree views. img_2375img_2379img_2400img_2389It was a bit nippy and windy up at the top, but the views! Be still my heart!img_2390img_2401img_2403The Chain Bridge, which we walked over on day two to see Buda.img_2418The Shoes on the Danube are a memorial for those who were forced to cross the Danube during WWII. img_2428The Library of Parliament. Every single building was so clean and well-tended to.img_2430img_2436img_2449img_2457Hungary is infamous for it’s paprika and I didn’t leave the city without some!img_2467The Liberty Bridge. There were so many bridges that connected Buda and Pest.img_2463Golden hour; makes everything in this city that much more beautiful!img_2473That building with the dome on the left was so dreamy, but we were cold and didn’t want to cross the road so a picture from this distance had to suffice. img_2481The Hungarian State Opera House. We stepped in just to warm up and check it out, but also heard some singing for the quick time we were there.img_2488Not included after this visit to the Opera House was our dinner at Mazel Tov,a ruin bar. We visited two ruin bars while in Budapest, which is something they are infamous for, and also something I would recommend for those who visit Budapest. On Saturday night we went to Szimpla and had such a fun experience poking our heads into each room. There we were offered carrots as a little snack and reflected on our trip. img_2491img_2509A trip to Budapest would not be complete without a visit to one of their thermal baths. We went to Szechenyi Baths, which is one of the most popular. Given the freezing temperatures outside, the warmth of the baths was such a delight. We could have stayed all day!img_2495img_2508img_2510Not pictured is the most delicious pistachio cake I have ever tried. img_2511Our airbnb was located in the Jewish Quarter of Pest and within walking distance was the Dohány Street Synagogue, which is the largest Synagogue in Europe and the second largest in the world. img_2515There isn’t a whole lot of graffiti in this city, but what was on the walls was really beautiful.img_2518img_2535Fisherman’s Bastion was such a sight! Those tiles on the church of Matthias were something else, I couldn’t get over how beautiful it was. img_2553img_2551img_2536The views were pretty great, too. img_2549While Christmas was most definitely finished by the time we arrived in Budapest, it could still be seen in unexpected places. Giving up Christmas is best done slowly.img_2557img_2555img_2566img_2574

Budapest, thank you for the loveliest of stays. Here’s to a returning trip in warmer months!


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