After another little hiatus from my blog, I am back with more pictures, this time from my few days in Vienna. Currently in Mallorca, we have been experiencing non-stop rain and chilly weather. To boot, I’ve decided to take a little break from sugar, bread, and caffeine, and well, it’s been a tough couple of days. Here’s to brighter days soon (and coffee, come Friday)!

Vienna was a beautiful and expansive city. I didn’t realize just how large it was, so public transportation became our fast friend. Like the other cities I had visited previously on this trip, I was not really sure what to expect. As an American, I have heard about all of these cities many times, but never were there pictures put to them and so it was left to my imagination to envision what it might look like. And well, I was wrong about what I had thought it might look like.

This city is shaped by a great deal of intellect and creative history. Between the art and the music, Vienna is the perfect city to visit in the winter because you can spend so much time indoors becoming a little more cultured. While in the city, I was able to visit two museums, the Belvedere Museum and the Leopold Museum, as well as the House of Music, where Beethoven had lived at one point. We also treated ourselves to some delicious pastries at an infamous coffee house and marveled at the beautiful lights strung throughout the city. Christmas was not all that long ago, and yet it seems like so much has happened since then.

img_2236img_2239The Hundertwasserhaus; which is an apartment house built by Friedensreich Hundertwasser and is now an expressionist landmark in the city. The floors are uneven and the roof is covered with grass, and I had never seen anything like it. img_2244We happened to be in Vienna when there was a high wind advisory for a couple of days, we sure know how to pick the right days to travel!img_2261img_2260img_2262img_2269The Jesuit Church of Vienna; I thought it so beautiful and we {finally} got to see some blue skies so capturing it was a must. img_2273St. Stephen’s Cathedral, which had the most lovely tiled roofs, but was also in dire need of some re-vamping otherwise.img_0105img_2284img_2275img_2279img_2287img_2288img_2314The Belvedere Museum houses some pretty infamous artwork including Gustav Klimt’s “The Kiss” and while I normally don’t care too much for art, walking through the various rooms had me intrigued. img_2321Hello, 2017! img_2328img_2332img_2342The Hofburg Palace above and below, as well as the coffee shop we visited to the right in the above picture. img_2344img_2349Decisions, decisions… I went with a cake layered with almonds and buttercream. img_2351img_2368Our visit to Egon Schiele’s collection at the Leopold Museum was extremely information and was told a bit like a story. I think that because his pieces extended over his lifetime, it helped me to be able to understand more about his art because I was able to read about his circumstances at the time of each piece. It should be on your list if you’re planning a visit to Vienna!img_2366img_2354


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