Prague (Part Two).

Following up from Prague (Part One) today with lots of photos. I was so snap happy in this city that just about every corner I was pulling out my camera and taking pictures. Alex can attest to this as she was carrying my camera in her backpack and I was constantly fumbling with the zipper to grab it so I did not miss a shot.

Where to even begin with Prague? It was a magical little city. I loved it for so many reasons; the walkability, the pastel-colored buildings, and the pops of Christmas sprinkled throughout. Prague also gave us a little dusting of snow (it was the pretty, fluffy flakes that stick to you when they land, but it didn’t stick around too long to turn into slush).

It is one of those cities you just wander through, and thanks to our walking tour, we were able to do just that one morning. I was surprised to learn about the history of the city, especially it’s role during WWII. I continue to get a little geeked out hearing about Europe of decades past, especially when it surrounds the time period of the 1930s and 1940s. Dr. Charnley, my professor who took me on a study abroad through Europe, would be so proud.

img_2061img_2164We visited the cutest little bakery and loved it so much, we went back the next day! I had a cherry and apple galette (what I think is really like a little pie) on the first day, and an amazing quiche the day after. img_2062img_2064Being that we stayed on the side of the river that has more sights and less places to eat, we found ourselves crossing the Charles Bridge and the various others multiple times throughout each day. img_2066img_2073One piece of evidence of times past is this bell in the corner of the building, named the House at the Stone Bell. img_2072Skies were white, white, white, but then the snow came and did away with my wish for blue skies.img_2075The Prague Astronomical Clock; it is just so fascinating to think of what went in to making such a clock. Below, Alex grins with a candy bar because they have names on one of the clocks to commemorate people, and supposedly the name of the day was Alexandra. What are the odds? img_2078img_2082Christmas and colorful buildings, so dreamy. img_2086img_2096img_2100img_2104img_2103img_2107img_2114img_2115img_2117This view; I have too many pictures of the same thing, but it was gorgeous. We found ourselves high up enough a handful of times during our visit and the cityscape just never got old. img_2138img_2161img_2174The Lennon Wall exists because following his death, John Lennon became a pacifist hero for many young Czechs. The wall is continually painted with new graffiti, and apparently the rule about not covering someone else’s street art does not apply here. img_2206img_2202img_2210We had a typical Czech dinner (where I tried duck!) before heading to the Opera to see Rusalka, a performance that remotely mirrors The Little Mermaid. The Opera was in Czech, which left us listening but also reading the English subtitles. An experience, to say the least! Also, getting our picture taken at the theatre was a nearly impossible feat; I don’t know what it is about asking others to take our photo, but the DSLR proves to be problematic for many. img_2215img_2216My wining and dining partner 🙂img_2217And some lovely entertainment throughout the evening. At some points, I felt as though I could be in Frankenmuth, MI instead of Prague. img_2233

It was almost like a fairytale, the time we spent in this city. And I do hope to return again one day! Perhaps in the summertime because winter. Need I say more?


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