Christmas Cheer in Palma.

It’s officially Christmastime in Palma and the island has spared no tree from sparkling lights or streets from hanging twinkly stars or spheres. It really is a magical way to experience the holiday season. These photos are a collection over the course of a handful of days, as I’ve just continued to snap away on my various meanderings. I do love when the palm trees are aglow in the nighttime hours, and Christmas trees have taken on a very different meaning from the usual pine that I have always seen at home during this time of year.

Throughout the various plazas and streets, there have been Christmas markets where stands are brimming with all sorts of goodies; jewelry, ornaments, meats and cheeses, even the little logs you’ll see below. I’ve really loved getting to see how another culture celebrates this season; it has made me want to instill various traditions in the years to come into what my family and I have always done, but it makes me appreciate the little traditions my family has kept to as well. I hope you and yours have been having a wonderful holiday season- hard to believe that Christmas is already less than a week away!

img_1578img_1577This pan of paella was HUGE!img_1582Paseo Borne is one of my favorite places in the city because of the lights.img_1799img_1584Papa Noel is all over the city, however Three Kings’ Day is widely celebrated throughout Mallorca and I’ve had some of the children I tutor complain to me that Santa Claus doesn’t come to their house but he makes a visit to their amigos’ homes. Three Kings’ Day is when many of the Spanish children receive presents, which is on January 6th. img_1583Circus acts about town before the lights were officially turned on for the season. img_1585img_1589The Tió de Nadal is a Catalan tradition where the children are supposed to feed it a little each night and take care of it so that come Christmas it will poop presents for them. In order words, they believe in a Poo Log that leaves them little gifts and trinkets. img_1594Paseo Born, it is just so beautiful all lit up!15288450_10154638542291070_1827832758058134446_oimg_1596img_1599img_1602Plaza Mayor has these lights that remind me of a circus tent and I can only imagine how bright it would be to live in the apartments in this plaza. For this girl who likes to sleep in complete darkness, it would not fly. Thankfully I just get to admire them and then I can go back to my flat with blackout shades 😉 Merry Christmas my fellow readers, I hope you can each enjoy the days that remain getting into a festive spirit and spending time with loved ones!


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