Some ladybirds and I recently rented a car (round two in one week for me!) and ventured to the east side of Mallorca. The day began with some overcast skies, but as we continued to drive, seeing the blue skies appear, and eventually we found ourselves in front of a stunning sunset by the end of the day. Also getting around by car is about the best thing ever when I’ve become accustomed to public transport most days.

This day made me eager to go back and explore the calas once the weather changes. It’s not exactly cold here per say, but there is a chill that makes you want to bundle up in a cozy blanket scarf and zip your coat up a little higher (yes, I know you Michiganders had 12 degree weather this week; cold is relative these days) so we were unable to enjoy the beaches the way they rightly should be enjoyed. All the more reason to continue to explore this lovely little island come Spring.

img_1714Those little ornaments all through the streets. Each pueblo decorates differently and Artá was not exception. img_1713Oh the cakes! I could have tried a slice of every single one if they let me. img_1708img_1711img_1717img_1719img_1725img_1728Sant Salvador was once a mosque and was eventually converted into a small Christian church once the conquest of the last Islamic strongholds was completed. img_1730The Castle of Capdepera.img_1735img_1737The Miquel Nunis Tower was located a strategic point when it was actually in use as it’s on the highest point of the hill, which faced the Menorca channel. It was eventually turned into a flour mill in the 19th century and still is preserved as such today. img_1738img_1740img_1743img_1762This camera, so trusty and my constant companion. img_1765img_1775Cala D’Or, I will be back one day in a bathing suit instead of bundled soon enough!img_1776img_1785For those who know my driving record, I’m two for two in regards to renting a vehicle and driving the unfamiliar roads of Mallorca. img_1795Playa de Es Trenc gave us quite a show with the sunset. And then we sprinted off the beach because those mosquitos were no joke.


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