An Excursion & Some Homesickness.

I’ll be home for Christmas, if only in my dreams…”

You guys, I’m having a serious bout of homesickness these days. Whether it be the holiday season and that I’ve always been able to spend it at home with my family or the fact that just about everyone else I know around here is getting ready to head home to see their loved ones, but I am having a harder time than I anticipated knowing I’ll be staying in the Mediterranean for Christmas. I even went so far as to look into flights this morning. Thankfully I have a roommate who talked some sense into me; the time and the money that it would take to get there for such a short time period is far more than I would probably rationally spend if I wasn’t longing for home so much. It’s a little crazy what I’ve considered and the many ways I’ve clicked around to see what options would be available to me to be at home for Christmas. Oh, a girl can dream!

Despite my longing for what could be, I am so thankful for the new friends I’ve made that will be here during Christmas. Many have offered up their homes to me, to make sure that I knew I had a place to spend the day and a meal to be had. Of the many, many lessons I have learned since beginning this journey, one that resonates often is to re-adjust expectations and to be grateful for what I do have. For this type A personality, that shift in expectations can be difficult; I enjoy making a plan and following it through. And similar to most, change is hard, too. But it’s the process of learning to be adaptable, learning to be okay with different, learning to stay when it’s uncomfortable.

As I speak of those I’ve met on this journey in Mallorca, I am sharing some pictures from an excursion (which in the States is a field trip) I took with the 3rd and 4th of Secondary students. Due to legality purposes, I am unable to share photos of my students, but below you’ll find some of the beautiful views we uncovered. We took a bus up and up the mountainside and then unloaded to make our way back into town by foot. It started off chilly, but the sunshine came through and ended up being a lovely day for a hike. Plus when it’s hiking versus class, I’d take nature every time.

img_1657img_1659The water here is bottled and then sold on the island. Mallorca hasn’t had much rain though and in the last two years because of the lack of rainfall, they have had to seek water elsewhere to sell. img_1660img_1662img_1663img_1679img_1689We took lunch near this waterfall, and well I haven’t had as picturesque a lunch since.img_1692The walkway looked like this the entire time. Certainly not made for those with bad knees or weak ankles, thankfully I have neither at this point. But I was sore the day after!img_1694Little pops of yellows were seen, but it’s few and far between here!img_1699img_1701img_1703


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