On Sunday’s Connect Lingus takes hikes at various places on the island. And this past Sunday I finally committed to joining them. Connect Lingus is a community in Mallorca that gives people the opportunity to meet others who also live on the island, while also participating in fun activities ranging from hikes to salsa class to cardio resistance training to bingo nights. The group is comprised of a very diverse demographic, both in regards to where people are from, but also in relation to what they are doing on the island. The beauty of Connect Lingus is there is no pressure to participate in any of the events put on, but there is always something going on so if you elect to, you can always attend something.

Our hike took us up to the Castell d´Alaró, which is a ruined castle in the west of Mallorca. The hike took several hours, but the views were so worth it. And to boot, the clouds began to clear as we made our descent making the views that much better. I continue to see how the sky can change the way anything looks; blue skies can do a world of difference for the beauty of a mountain or a town or a castle.

This last week has been full of little day trips, and I can say that Alaró was definitely one of my favorites. Between the actual work it took to hike the mountain and the gratifying views once reaching the top, I was pleased that this was the hike I elected to go on with Connect Lingus. Hopefully it won’t be the last one either! Some photos below from the day…

img_1603img_1604So many animals as we were on the outskirts of the town.img_1605img_1614img_1616Some of the ruins from the castle. img_1618img_1626img_1627img_1630img_1639The views, oh the views!img_1644img_1651He’s said to be dangerous, but I think the sweet mule just wanted a snack.


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