The Hall’s Visit Mallorca!

Late last week, my dear friends Mitchell and Candice rounded out their trip through Spain in Mallorca. It was such a pleasure to have them visit; between the wining and dining, long chats, and exploring new places together, it was difficult to see them go on Saturday.

I met Mitchell and Candice while attending MSU, and quickly formed a friendship with each of them. Following graduation, we attended the same church, and that really solidified our relationship as we continued to grow in our faith while also being able to celebrate little milestones in one another’s lives over the last several years. They are truly one of the most generous and giving couples that I know, and I am so grateful to have shared a couple days in España with them.

While their time here was short, we managed to squeeze in a visit to the Bellver Castle and La Seu Cathedral in Palma. And the day following, I rented us a car and we drove to the northern tip of the island to see the stunning views that Cap de Formentor offers, as well as the towns of Pollença and Alcúdia. The places we saw together were some of my must-see places on the island, but doing so with Mitch and Candice was really what made each visit so special.


img_1483img_1486The first of many views as we climbed the stairs towards the Bellver Castle. img_1487img_1488img_1492img_1494Aren’t they just so cute?img_1496img_1500img_1503img_1507The views, oh my heart be still.img_1508img_1511img_1515img_1521On our second day, we began the drive towards Cap de Formentor and made a pit stop at all over the overlooks. The views changed, but never lessened in their beauty. img_1530img_1534img_1535img_1542img_1543img_1544img_1551I think this is my new favorite spot in Mallorca.img_1552img_1556The lighthouse that we eventually made our way to…img_1560img_1563img_1568That water, if it wasn’t chilly and such a long way down, I could have dived right into it.img_1571The infamous stairs of Pollença; we somehow started at the top (blaming that on lack of signage in the village), so we first walked down the 365 stairs and then climbed back up.img_1572img_1574img_1575

I really could not have asked for a better couple of days with Candice and Mitchell. I am so thankful they made the effort to get to Mallorca while in Spain, and that I had the opportunity to show off this beautiful island that I call home.


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