Ses Fonts Ufanes & Thoughts on Rest.

I took an unintentional hiatus from blogging because this last week has been so crazy busy; between friends from the states visiting (that will be another post in the near future), coming down with a head cold (which left me without a voice at one point), and saying yes to just about every adventure that was presented (Mallorca, you continue to delight me), I was left with little time to actually post what was going on.

It’s a funny thing, this time of year and being in a new place, where it is so easy to always have something to do. Quite honestly, I’ve struggled with saying no. With only time against me, I have no reason to put so much pressure on myself to always do something, be somewhere, meet someone. And yet, I still won’t let myself have a true rest day. Instead I fake-rest, you know where you still complete those productive tasks like paying bills and making travel plans and doing laundry and cooking a meal. The day doesn’t feel wasted because I still managed to do something, and yet deep in my bones I know that a day spent away from the routine and busyness would do my heart some good.

While it pains me to miss out on fun activities, saying no is apart of growing up. It means taking responsibility for my own well-being because no one else is going to do it for me. Ironically, saying no opens up more doors to be able to say yes. When my days aren’t filled to the brim, I’m able to sit longer with a friend, I’m able to not hurry between the ending of one thing and rush along to the next, I’m able to take in the details around me. Taking time to slow down and rest allows me to connect with things that actually matter; people I love, God, and my own heart. In a season that can be so easy to become hurried and frantic, I am going to attempt to seek rest, connection, and simple joys.

Last weekend, some girlfriends and I took a little trip out to Campanet with the hopes of seeing the Fonts Ufanes, which are springs that run when heavy rains come and from the groundwater flows what is described as a “beautiful and unique water scenery.” While we did not see such a sight, it did give us the chance to escape Palma for the day and to see another part of Mallorca. Some pictures for your viewing pleasure…

img_1405img_1412img_8038img_1413img_1415Esglesia de Sant Miquel. img_1422img_1419img_1420img_1423img_1428So apparently mushroom picking is a thing and these ladies we came across have taken classes and studied to know just which ones to pick. They came expecting to fill their baskets, but were disappointed in the lack of mushrooms they found.img_1426img_1453img_1444img_1455img_1460img_1465You guys, the oranges and clementines though this town were such a treat- literally, they tasted as sweet as candy.
img_1466img_1469img_1475Wouldn’t be a true Mallorquin town if it didn’t have a church.img_1477The golden rays across the homes was such a beautiful sight.img_1482


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