On Thursday we took a train to Oxford and I felt like I had been transported into a scene of times past. Oxford carries with it the stately feel of a proper university, and having students bob and weave around us into their respective colleges made our experience more like that of that students who attended.

Like Birmingham, Oxford was cold, but those crisp blue skies and sunshine came through for most of the morning and made all the autumnal colors pop against the brick buildings. We went into several museums, in addition to looking at the many sights around campus and peaking our head into the courtyards of the various colleges. I lost track of each of their names so below you’ll find photos, but no labels.

I think my favorite part of Oxford was just getting to take it at our leisure, and asking the locals about what spots they love on campus. We wandered into a cozy coffee shop for a quick warm up, ate pasties from a deli in the Covered Market, and took in the beauty that the architecture of the campus offers. Some photos from our day at uni…

img_1262Seriously, could those Fall colors be any more beautiful?!img_1267img_1271img_1277img_1281img_1286img_1288The Bodleian Library.img_1290img_1291img_1293img_1297From the courtyard of the library.img_1301I spy Christmas every which place I go!img_1303img_1306The Radcliffe Camera, which is home to two reading rooms for undergraduates. Talk about an awesome place to park up and study.img_1308The Bridge of Sighs, where one myth states that students would sigh while going through the passage on their way to exams. Another legend is that the students who lived in this college were the heaviest so the students were supposedly barred access to the bridge, forcing students to take the stairs instead, which gave them more exercise. The bridge was never actually closed, but it makes for a fun story.img_1318University Church.img_1319img_1322Mmm these little pies were the tastiest! Savory and sweet :p img_1324Christ Church and the Memorial Gardensimg_1326That little pop of color makes me swoon.img_1327img_1329img_1331img_1334A little sneak into the interior of Christ Church. One must pay to take tours into the Church or any of the colleges so we did a lot of peaking around, but no real tours this time around. img_1338img_1343Can you tell we are a bit chilly? That wind was wicked. img_1346img_1351img_1355img_1357I love the poppies that show up in the most random of spaces. img_1359

If I wasn’t so partial to Michigan State University, I might say Oxford makes the top of my list as far as universities go. Beautiful, absolutely, but this girl still loves green and white.


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