Valldemossa and Deià.

About a week and a half ago I received a Facebook message from Laura, a friend I had made while at Michigan State University through a ministry we were both involved with. While I had watched her life through social media, knowing she had been traveling for the last two years or so, I didn’t know that she was presently in Europe when I received her message. It didn’t take much to convince her a trip to the island would be worth her time. So with a few quick exchanges, we made plans for her to come the following week.

I put on my tour guide cap, which is still new given I have hardly seen the island myself at this point, and we were off to explore a few places together. Valldemossa and Deià came highly recommended. Valldemossa is a historic village nestled in a valley in the Tramuntana Mountains on the northwest side of Mallorca and Deià is a short bus ride further beyond. Both are tucked into the mountains and were quite a bit chillier than the weather in Palma. Below some pictures of our day trip…
img_1173img_1160img_1163This little quaint street full of potted plants and cobblestone streets and the bell-shaped lights hanging just so. img_1161img_1164img_1168Coca de patata and crespells dipped in a Spanish hot chocolate. I’ve heard these are typical Mallorquin sweets and when someone says it’s authentic to Mallorca, that’s the only excuse I need to try it. Also when it’s cold outside and your shoes are soaked, anything that is warm will do. img_1169img_1176The Royal Carthusian Monasteryimg_1186IMG_1193.jpgimg_1182There were some gorgeous blooms in the gardens near the Royal Carthusian Monastery.img_1199Laura with some beautiful Mallorquin mountainous ranges behind her.img_1200Citrus season is in full swing here and the clemintinas offered at the markets are sweet and ripe and the juices run down your chin regardless of how careful one is to eat it.img_1204img_1212img_1216The town of Deià, which on a warm day I could imagine is a beautiful coastal village with the beach and the sea. I will be back come Spring!img_1202img_1226While not the best shot-given we were on a moving bus- but the sunset this day was something I won’t soon forget. I was trying to describe it to a friend days afterwards and I could barely relay the beauty as the sky changed from rays of golden light to oranges and deep hues of red. Seriously have seen nothing like it before in my life.


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