Dearest Spain.

We set out to form a relationship months ago, getting acquainted through pictures in cyberspace and reading up about what the other has to offer. I knew I wanted you to be apart of my life years ago, I just wasn’t ready for you then as school and other obligations kept me busy. But school ended and those responsibilities lessened, and I knew we could finally have our moment.

I booked my flight and arrived eager to get to know you, ready to fall in love with a place I had only seen through a computer screen. You did not disappoint; with cathedral views and majestic sunsets and tapas galore, you were a dream. You wooed me from the very beginning. You’ve taken me on adventures, giving me the opportunity to explore your various landscapes and quaint villages, always a camera in tow to capture our growing bond. With you, I have felt like I am constantly on holiday.

But you have done more than just show me a new world. You’ve taught me about compromise and expectations and being persistent. You’ve shown me that I can forge ahead despite uncertainty and fear. You’ve taught me that even when the storms roll through, there is still good to be found. You’ve demonstrated patience and grace. You’ve challenged my concept of what I’ve taken for granted and replaced it with gratitude.

Our journey has been unpredictable, mysterious, profoundly challenging, and so fulfilling. We have set out on this path together, knowing there may be times when we find one another difficult to love, and yet I would not have it any other way. Here’s to continuing in this love, we’ve really only just begun!

Happy one month, Mallorca! Besos, mi amor!


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