My Day In Madrid.

Heading back to Palma with very sore feet and too many pictures of buildings. Pretty much seems to be the theme whenever I make my way to a new city. I can understand better why Europeans have taken to making sneakers into something that’s worn other places besides the gym; there is really no other option when one is walking miles and miles on uneven cobblestone streets than to wear a pair of decent shoes. I already know my next investment.

On Friday, I went to Madrid. My friend Sara, who has been my point-person in the entire process before arriving in Spain, has lived in Madrid for two years, and she graciously put me up in a spare bedroom in her flat. Because I had come down with a cold (or allergies, the verdict is still out), and spent the majority of the day wandering through the city by foot, we had gotten Indian food and had an early night. Not necessarily the Madrid I had always anticipated in my mind, but thankfully Madrid is all of a taxi ride, short plane ride, and a bus ride away so the plan is to return when I am back to full health.

While Madrid does not have a long list of exciting attractions or must see sights, it does have a unique feel and definitely is different than the only other Spanish capital I am familiar with, which is Palma de Mallorca. I did not get to visit any of the highly recommended museums this time around, but I did get around to a helping of tosta con tomate, a traditional Spaniard breakfast of crushed tomato with olive oil and salt on toast, at Toma Café. Let me tell you, by the time I arrived at Toma I had been wandering for nearly two hours through Parque del Buen Retiro and then getting lost on my way to a different recommended café. Like my nearly dead phone, I was in desperate need of a recharge. Some time to rest my feet and a café con leche did the trick.

Some pictures below of my day in Madrid. I really need to up my selfie game because I am in but one of the photos below!

img_0824Parque Retiroimg_0821img_0831Check out all that fall foliage, missing that these days on the island.img_0833img_0835img_0838I came across Calle de la Palma when searching for Café Toma and it felt like I had stumbled upon a little piece of “home.”img_0843Toma Café; you breathed life back into this weary body with coffee and carbs. img_0841img_0844img_0851Palacio Real de Madridimg_0856img_0858Plaza Mayorimg_0869Sara and I; such a sweet blessing of a friend in this journey of mine!


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