I took an early bus today in order to get into Llucmajor with some time to wander before having to be in class. Over the last few days days, there have been more banners and decorations hung, and I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to capture how this municipality celebrates the Autumn Festival. I really only got a small glimpse as tents were still being set up and the town was not full of people just yet, but the hanging paper rings and pompoms were easily my favorite decorations.

I was able to formally introduce myself this week to each of the classes at my school, while also getting into the groove of going from one classroom to the next throughout each day. Col·legi Nostra Senyora de Gràcia is a very small Catholic school that teaches both primary and secondary levels. It is so small that they do not even have room for the two youngest classes. However, the student body and staff are very close-knit and many have relayed to me that the school feels like a big family, and with any family there is a wide spectrum of members, from very loud and talkative to timid and quiet, which I already had a glimpse of in the few days that I have been there.

While some students did not ask me any questions (and perhaps they hardly understood what I was saying), others were quick to want to know if I preferred the Madrid or Barcelona soccer team, if I had a boyfriend (hands down the most asked question regardless of age), and what my favorite color was. I was also often told how many siblings each have, if they own pets, and I left my most recent class with that knowledge that sweet little Alejandro thought my hair was beautiful.

My hope for this upcoming school year is that I would have a chance to influence every single student I come in contact with for good. That regardless of how long or short our interaction, each person I connect with would know that they are valued and cared for. If they gain a greater understanding of English then I have done my job and then some. Here’s to a new school year!



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