Dating Myself.

About a week and a half ago I was invited to visit Sóller for a short day trip. Sóller is a small village accessible by both car and train. While we elected to go by car, we also took the scenic route which reminded me a lot of driving in Corsica with many hairpin bends and beautiful views all around. A busy little town of tourists and a big market, I wandered with camera in hand through the intricate church of Sant Bartomeu and one way streets. Some pictures below from my visit.

While I took the trip with two friends, they went off for some much needed couple time together and I walked through Sóller by myself. I have been learning what it means to travel alone; how to be comfortable on a bench by myself, how to slow the beating of my heart that comes from fear of being judged for traveling by myself (although I am sure I am the only one who actually thinks twice about this matter), and to also be more thankful for the moments when I do get to share new experiences with others.

While I am an extrovert through and through, uninterrupted time has been good for me to get acquainted with for it is there that I can cultivate a heart of gratitude, a better understanding of what I want to make of my time while abroad, and to reflect on all the goodness that has gotten me to this point, plus it doesn’t hurt that I get to pick where to eat or what to do. If there is anything to be gained of this understanding, may it be that I learn how to cultivate and appreciate time with yours truly.



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