So Far in Son Ferrer.

I am currently residing in a flat in Son Ferrer, which is a twenty five minute car ride outside of the city of Palma; the city I hope to live in for the course of the school year. Son Ferrer is a village near a beach town called Palmanova. Son Ferrer is not where I anticipated myself being a week ago this time.

The story of how I got to Son Ferrer really begins with the title of my blog; Traveling Mercies. When I was dreaming up the beginning of this blog I did not have a title immediately come to mind. I eventually picked it because there is a book with the same title by Anne Lamott and I felt it fitting to my current life season. I also did a bit of research and learned that to pray for traveling mercies is to ask for protection and blessings when traveling. Simple enough and exactly what I wanted when I committed myself to a great deal of travel.

I did not know that when I began this journey just over two weeks ago that traveling mercies would be with me wherever I went. Even more so was grace. I should rename my blog to Traveling Graces because grace has been constant in each new day. See the thing about mercy is that we do not get what we rightly deserve, whereas grace is what we receive even though we do not deserve it. And yet, both mercy and grace have shown themselves in abundance.

I have received assistance from others in the airport (as mentioned in this blog post). I have had attendants at the airport overlook my overweight bag instead of charging me the extra amount. I met an American girl at the bus stop when I first arrived in Palma who looked up the address of my airbnb and walk me to the door (in the rain I might add). My airbnb hosts held my luggage for hours after my checkout time. I was given a ride to church by a new friend where I met a young woman who opened up her flat for me to stay in while I continue my search for a more long-term flat. I was given a lift to Son Ferrer so that I would not have to take the bus with my overpacked luggage.

Mercy and grace have gone before me, they have met me where I am at, and I have not been left where I was found. They have been ever-present and yet still a mystery to me as to how they work. If I’ve learned anything up to this point, it is that mercy and grace have taught me to be grateful for where I am at.

So while I am not exactly the most thrilled that I have yet found a place to live in Palma, I have many ways in which to recount the goodness of God and how he has provided for me in my journey up to this point. I continue to use these reminders when there is doubt that I will actually make my way back to Palma.


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