I spent my second morning since my arrival in the district of Brixton. With Lauren and Sam in the country preparing for their wedding ceremony this evening, I was left to venture on my own. After successfully navigating the bus, I arrived in Brixton where I walked through their vintage and retro market.

So far I’ve learned a few things since my arrival in London-

  • Look left before looking right when crossing the street; I’ve caught myself looking right first and it gives me away immediately as someone who isn’t from the UK
  • Leftovers are not taken home and asking for a “takeaway” box is frowned upon
  • Each household is required to recycle and there are switches near each individual outlet in order to turn the electricity on and off; my kind of environmentally-friendly city… excusing the fact that the air pollution and quality in this city is not exactly tip top
  • Washing machines are kept in the kitchen and there are no dryers
  • And lastly (for now anyway), Brits do not make eye contact while walking the streets. This is a cultural phenomenon, and even children do not make eye contact with others. My thought on this; I do not necessarily feel acknowledged as a human being when each person looks down or in the other direction when in passing, and if children are the same way as their parents, is this learned through modeling behavior or through a spoken word? Regardless, eye contact and a smile is saved for the Americans.





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